Gurkah Tea Garden Nepal

A garden in the sky

Lying on the northern slopes of Shree Antu valley, at 7000 ft above sea level, is our highest altitude tea farm. Atop the hills, the tea bushes are awashed by passing clouds, leaving a trail of dew covered leaves gently swaying in the cool misty Himalayan breeze. On a clear day, you can catch a majestic view of Mt Kunchunjunga, the tea terraces and the rolling hills of Darjeeling. Truly a garden in the sky.

The high altitude and clean Himalayan environment helps produce bright, fresh tea with delicate flavours.

Altitude Reaches 7000ft at the highest point
Environment Constant cloud cover with good morning sunlight. Good reddish soil
Notes Organic cultivation since 2005
Tea Golden Tips, Silver Tips, Black Tea and Green Tea
Nepal Tea
Golden and Silver Tips are the main produce from this garden.